Moblogging in New York

Last week I upgraded my phone to the lastest Sony Ericsson—the “K800i. This is the fifth Sony Ericsson phone I have owned (previous models being the T68i, T610, K750i, W800i), which I think says a lot about how much I love the design of both the user interface and the phones themselves.

With each new phone, comes new features. The T68i was the first phone with MMS picture messaging (and you could buy a camera attachment to take tiny pointless photos with too if you liked).

Each successive release has seen refinements to the user interface and the gradual addition of new features, alongside continual increases in the quality of the screen, and the camera resolution. The more that these last two things have improved, the more I find myself taking pictures with my phone.

I really enjoy looking back at a collection of photos that have gathered over the lifetime of each phone. It’s like a snapshot of a year in my life, with the images tending to be very much ‘of the moment’. Let’s face it, pointing a mobile in somebody’s face is far less intimating than pulling an 8 mega-pixel camera out of your pocket, and having your mobile on you 99% of the time means that you are likely to catch more of life.

Blog This

Anyway, with this in mind, and with me spending three days in New York this Sunday through Tuesday, I thought I would try out a new feature I’ve found on the K800i—‘Blog This’. Now when you take a photo, alongside the options to save it or send it via MMS/e-mail, you can now publish it to a blog.

I like the sound of this. Alongside this blog and my regular photos, I can’t think of a better way to keep everyone up to date with what I’m doing in America, and elsewhere.

So check out the new shinny Moblog link at the top of the page, and let me know what you think. Apologies for the first image—I always seem grumpy in these sort of photos! Over time, and depending on how much I actually use this, I may try to do something a little more bit imaginative with the photos generated, but this is a good start.


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