Two Years

Two years ago today I joined Clearleft. It was only by virtue of a peculiar career path—one that saw me working for a company in a different country—that I was introduced to its three founders, and soon after given the opportunity to join their respected agency.

This early in my career it seems foolish to suggest I’ve reached its pinnacle, but Clearleft provides me with such a nourishing and supportive environment, that I’m sure I’ll one day achieve it.

My confidence has increased to the point that I feel able to take on a more active role in the community—be it something small like releasing an icon set, or writing about potentially controversial topics on this blog. More recently, I have even started accepting public speaking engagements.

I now get to work with companies my mum has actually heard of, and I find it deeply satisfying to have a portfolio containing work for the BBC, Channel 4 and Mozilla.

Of course, working at Clearleft also means I get to work alongside some of the industry’s most renowned voices—and some lesser known but equally talented and inspirational minds too. Yet it has been the analysis, debate and reappraisal of techniques, technologies and processes, usually over lunch but also when reviewing each others work, that I’ve found the most valuable.

I often take this resource for granted, as I build an assumed knowledge that others may not have been privy too. To this extent, I think being part of a separate community such as the Multipack (and one located outside Brighton) gives me a better perspective on how others are facing the same challenges, and approaching the same problems.

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