An alternative to the K800i is the new Nokia N73. The N73 allows you to upload photos directly to your own Flickr account. Just take a photo and choose upload to Flickr, the photo appears on Flickr and you own site within 10 seconds.

IanG's Gravatar IanG 7 Nov 2006
12:33 AM

Awsome.. i have had this phone for 6 months, i would have used it more but i hate that crappy blogger style interface. You seem to have placed your own style on this, please let me know how you have done this.

Gareth Brown's Gravatar Gareth Brown 6 Nov 2006
11:23 AM

What a fun informative post. I hope your new phone is everything you want it to be.

You're right about the movie-going experience at cineplexes: having many, many trailers in a row sucks big time.


BTW: Is it raining in New York?

Roger von Oech's Gravatar Roger von Oech 4 Nov 2006
12:55 PM