Enough of the Plodding, Time for Some Blogging!

I often hear from fellow bloggers how they have a folder on their desktop full of half written posts intended for their blogs. For me, that folder of files seems to get stuffed in the deepest darkest parts of my brain. Every so often it will explode into verbal (but not physically written) prose, yet never make it onto the web.

Over recent years, I made a decision not to write about the silly little things that happen in my life, yet this somehow transpired into only writing posts that took 5 hours to read.

I also found it difficult to post two entries too close together, for fear that the older post wouldn’t get any comments being overshadowed by the newer one, which in the end resulted in pen not being put to paper (or fingers put to keyboard).

Over the next couple of weeks I aim to change all this, as there are many, many things I want to mention, talk about, and get of my chest, and actually get written down for a change. I want to stop worrying about timing, length etc., so apologies if they appear several weeks after the event (think England’s World Cup performance), if they are painfully long, or stupidly short. I just want to let rip!

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