28 Days Later

February coming to a close means I can conclude my month long challenge to post to this blog each day. Having only written 14 entries, it’s a challenge for which I only half succeeded.

The blogging started to become problematic upon my return from America, where a days worth of flying (and my sleeping through most of it) meant I found myself scribbling down a few notes upon arriving at Heathrow, and publishing the entry (SFO/LHR) later that day. A day behind and eager to catch up, I wrote a few posts largely consisting of embedded videos, as these were quick and easy ways to accomplish the goal.

Yet by the ninth day I was still a day behind schedule, lying about the dates in which entries were posted, and postponing entries that required a little more time to write. I was able to write about the new logos for Walsall Council and Walsall College on the 10th, yet the fact I was up until 4am doing so, meant the desire to continue soon abated.

On the positive side, this month has easily been the most active month in my all my years of blogging, and it did get me into the habit of thinking about content, and posting to the site. It has also made me think a little more about how I craft content. Going forward I think collating a list of bullet points in the morning, writing a first draft at the end of the day, before editing it all down after a nights rest is the way to go—trying to accomplish all three tasks in the space of a day is a recipe for disaster!

Next Month’s Challenge

Given that I still have a number of topics I wish to write about, I’ll be putting this plan into action over the coming months. Bringing stucture to how I blog will also be part of larger challenge for March—achieving greater self discipline, and finally forcing upon myself a more stringent structure upon my day. I am capable of achieving great things (I have no shortage of ideas) yet I feel held back by my inability to contain my freelance work to the daylight hours, which would allow me to spend evenings on my own projects. The challenge for March is to change this behaviour.


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