At ZURB, we "help" each other to keep up on the blogging. Almost all of us blog in some capacity—it's a nice way to keep everyone up on their written and communication skills, as well as learn from and educate others.

The biggest encouragement we have though comes from competition. We run a little contest in the office: The ZURBlog Cup Race. It's been going strong for 8 months now. Every 3 months, we reset, as if it were another race. Points are awarded for each entry, comment, and view (on a scale). It's lots of fun :D.

My point? Maybe a rewards system is in order for you :).

Mark Otto's Gravatar Mark Otto 1 Mar 2009
10:57 AM

Don't be too hard on yourself, don't turn this into a chore.
Blogging was supposed to be fun :)

Fabricio Zuardi's Gravatar Fabricio Zuardi 1 Mar 2009
3:27 AM