Acoustic Night

As the weeks slowly become normal again, so it is that every other Sunday night, a group of amazingly talented people come together and perform a wide range of material—from covers to their own compositions—during an acoustic night held at the Boundary Hotel in Walsall.

Usually playing are Jon, Dave and Pat, Dan on occasion, and this week Paul too. Add these to a list of regulars that includes Pete and Foz (amongst many others) and it really is a great end to the weekend.

Anyway, not of brilliant quality, but interesting all the same, I present this video of Jon and Dave performing ‘Swim for Me’—one of their own which ain’t half bad! Seeing as it was taken on a swanky new camera phone, it requires a media player capable of playing MPEG4-3GP files.

Jon and Dave at the acoustic night—3.1MB. (Right click the link, then ‘Save As…’)


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