LloydyWeb V6

So here it is. After many months of coding, tweaking, and design, this all new version of my site is now live. I don’t know if it’s been harder building the site for me, or you having to wait for it.

There are so many new features—notably this new Blogger powered front-end. But there are many other improvements including my first attempts with PHP (this ‘update’ originally starting off simply replacing all navigation with server side includes) and also a bit of MySQL for the reviews section.

More importantly much new site content has been added. I’ve found an old article I wrote during my degree about designing for the web—it’s a bit bland at the moment but the text is there for all to see should you want to! 3lions has been updated to include England’s Euro 2004 campaign (although I’m sure I could have just found any an old newspaper article given previous tournament upsets—they all seem to end the same these days!). Euro 2000 is there now too—only four years late in getting that one done!

Also worthy of a mention is the fact that my photos have been given their own section, imaginatively titled ‘Photos’, with many new events added, and also some wallpapers for your desktop pleasure.

Needless to say, thanks to the magic of the sites CSS and XHTML core, expect many tweaks, changes etc. over the coming months as I get bored with the design, and find ways of improving it. I would love to hear your comments in that respect—just click on the link below.

Happy browsing!

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