Love the way you have learned to bury the deamons of your first attempt at ning.. the new site and service totaly kicks ass out of most social networks. I still find myself trying to find ways of using Ning on a more day to day basis even introducing clients to try ning (unsucessfully), i have got to the point of thinking should i replace my blog with a ning account?

I aggree with mark on screen res.. infact i would love to build a virus that disables that res from peeps machines... grrrr....

Any how keep up the good work your UI design is an insperation!

Gareth Brown's Gravatar Gareth Brown 22 Mar 2007
1:50 PM

(Pauls throws a tightly wrapped ball of paper at himself)

Paul's Gravatar Paul 21 Mar 2007
9:00 AM

Even with you trying to explain to me what Ning is supposed to be I never fully understood until this new version!

As for ‘make-it-yoursable’ please please please buy a (British English!) dictionary and throw balls of paper at the person that came up with that (admittedly clever) phrase!

Oh and people that use 800×600 get everything they deserve! (stupid low res, break your eyeballs rubbish)

Mark's Gravatar Mark 21 Mar 2007
2:27 AM