Wow, hey, that's pretty swell!

I know I mentioned it when I submitted, but for all intents and purposes I feel it's important to mention here that my entry was not MY quote, but Eddie Izzard's.

Besides, it's funnier if you imagine him saying it. :)

Krystyn's Gravatar Krystyn 7 Feb 2007
7:00 PM


Thanks Paul - I'll report back on what I bought when I get back from New Zealand. Lady Sovereign certainly not on the list...!

David Hamilton's Gravatar David Hamilton 7 Feb 2007
3:55 PM

Actually Kris, IanG and Krystyn have been regular contributors over the last year, so not really new customers only. Better luck next year mate!

Paul's Gravatar Paul 5 Feb 2007
10:06 AM

I see non of your usual contributors made it into the final.

"Sorry New Customers Only????"

Kris's Gravatar Kris 5 Feb 2007
8:30 AM

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get Lady Soveriegn. Why is Jay-Z raving about her? How can she break the US?

Boo to her.

Nice pick on the winning quote by the way - Willy Wonka (and all of Roald Dahl's creations) are classics.

Si Jobling's Gravatar Si Jobling 5 Feb 2007
2:03 AM