Hi Paul, a very timely post indeed. I went to see this film last night with fellow Multipack member, Trovster.

I too was a bit disappointed with this film, I don't think a feature length film about his escapades really worked. The 5-10 minute sketches sandwiched between Ali G & Brüno was the best. After all, there is only so much laughing you can do.

However, I disagree with you about him being “a slightly weaker character”, he was the reason I came back from the pub on a Friday.


Stuart Maynard-Keene's Gravatar Stuart Maynard-Keene 9 Nov 2006
1:37 AM

We went to see this film in Coventry... and far from the reserved british-ness that you describe, the cinema was full of screaming chavs shouting at the screen and throwing burberry around like it was going out of fashion....

Jon Roobottom's Gravatar Jon Roobottom 9 Nov 2006
1:37 AM