As a local Walsall boy i wish i could have been at the first Multipack meet. I have made it a point to attend every one since, like Si says "bring more nerds to the Real Social Web".. or bring the people who make the virtual world reality together!

Nice article keep up the good work (on the East Side!!)

Gareth Brown's Gravatar Gareth Brown 2 Nov 2006
11:14 AM

I just wanted to say thanks for the kind words about the Multipack mate. My intention was to always create a larger network of like-minded friends, in this case people who were/are passionate about the Web. It looks like I've succeeded in my quest.

Lets hope we can continue the success of the Multipack and bring more nerds to the Real Social Web

Si Jobling's Gravatar Si Jobling 27 Oct 2006
10:34 AM