p.s. Placebo has a new CD, silly. But I do think in a way their old sound has gone the ways of 'pop past' as you put it.

krystyn's Gravatar krystyn 17 Aug 2006
1:21 AM

I myself have been experiencing all sorts of synchronicity... transition... being somewhere I've been before but feeling like a completely different person. It must be the stars or something.

Regardless, it sounds like it was fun and relaxing. I could use a weekend like that! :)

krystyn's Gravatar krystyn 17 Aug 2006
1:20 AM

It sounded great! but it has also made me jealous, it would be criminal not to have such a good weekend with us lot before you disappear to the states. I know we talk about it but when are actually gonna do something about it? Is it our fault for not listening or is it you for not pushing it? Do we all need a rallying call? Come on lets fly some ideas up the flag pole and see who's in!!! Kris, Jon M, Jon R, Mark.......anyone else.

Lewis Burden's Gravatar Lewis Burden 8 Aug 2006
12:31 PM