Virtually Famous in Langshott

Whilst fixing some css bugs for the next revision of the rdc* theme I had an interesting thought regarding it’s code name: does it rank higher in Google than the village it’s named after?


Two months ago, Jon asked me if I would like to join him on a little project he had started, designing a theme for WordPress. The answer was yes, and my design can be seen in the current v0.6 release.

Before launch I was asked if I would like to give the design a code name. Being a man fond of his code names (at work we already have OVAL and PIP thanks to me), I jumped at the chance! Wanting something personal to me, but also a little different, and seeing as locations are often inspiration for code names, I decided upon ‘Langshott’, the small little village in Horley where I grew up.

The Answer

With a number of users having installed the theme, and linking to the theme site, the theme is ranked 2nd in Google under the search term ‘Langshott’, and my name appears in third place! It’s like being virtually famous!

As to the theme, me and Jon have quite a few ideas as to where we want to take it before we release version 1.0, so keep an eye on the theme site!


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