A Tall Story

Today finally saw the end of a long journey, one that I have been on since I was 8 years old. Whilst I finished taking growth hormone some years ago, since that time I have been involved in a medical trial, been given concerns about other possibly deficient hormones and for the last two years had check-ups every 6 months. Until today.

This journey saw me visit London many times during my childhood too. Days off from school would see an exciting, usually rushed journey into London, waiting in-line for my appointments in a number of different hospitals including Great Ormond Street, before then going on to visit my Auntie in the Home Office restaurant with views across the capital. During one of these visits, I also seem to remember the tastiest Big Mac I ever did eat, but I guess back then these sort of things were more of a treat.

So here I am, with an average height (5”8’) but hopefully more than an average story to tell.


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