Time to Start Taking Notice

G8 leaders at the 2004 summit, Sea Island, USA

Live8 logoYou’ve no doubt heard the statistics—over and over again. We live in a society where such figures have become background noise. ‘More important’ issues take precedence; should I buy a 50 or 56 inch plasma television? How long before I can afford a new Apple Cinema Display to go alongside my swanky new G5? How will we afford this months mortgage repayment…

I guess that’s where Live8 came in. As one of many MakePovertyHistory events this year, Bob Geldof has helped bring this noise to the foreground (very much noise in the case of Velvet Revolver…!). It’s a shame that this, and other events throughout the year are needed for us sorry lot to ‘buy into’ caring and to take notice, but maybe now our ears have been pricked—they should stay that way. Awareness is the key.

What you can do

It may be difficult, but of all the 52 weeks of the year, this is the one week we should really be paying attention to what’s happening around us. Here’s a few things you can do this week to become part of the solution, and not part of the problem:

  1. Sign the Live8 List
  2. Buy a white wristband—and not one of those ‘I’m a fashion conscious hippy’ ones you can get in TopShop etc. (don’t get me started on that particular topic…!)
  3. Talk about it. If unlike me you work in an office where sensible conversation can exist, talk about it amongst your colleagues.
  4. Take an interest. Even if it be for just this wee—watch the news. Even better watch programmes such as Channel 4 News (19:00, Channel 4) and Newsnight (22.30, BBC2) as these tend to go a bit more in depth and offer less watered down reporting. Reading The Sun does not count as reading the news…
  5. Should the G8 leaders fail to announce what they need to announce—more aid, debt relief, and fair trade (which by all accounts seems to be a sticking point), as well as those important decisions on climate change—kick up a fuss. You voted these people into power—start becoming responsible for their actions.


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