I really wish it was easier for me to get to Multipack meetups, especially this one. It's always great to meet up with you folks and have a few drinks. It's almost a year since I last made the journey so it's high time I make the journey to Brum.

Have a good 'un :)

Sam Hardacre's Gravatar Sam Hardacre 13 Oct 2009
8:19 PM

It is maddening how many of us were at @media 2005 yet didn't know we all worked so near to each other.

I've corrected my spelling of 'forth' too ;-)

Paul Robert Lloyd's Gravatar Paul Robert Lloyd 12 Oct 2009
11:12 AM

I remember my first Multipack meeting back in April 2006. It's great that some of the people I met then are still attending regularly and, like me, finding it rewarding.

I also attended @media 2005, but such was the professional isolation I felt then, that it took almost a year before I found the Multipack.

These days, as you point out, there is a glut of events and groups for Web geeks to attend and participate in, which is a very positive state of affairs. And I'm glad that Multipack continues to go from strength to strength, particularly Geek In The Park.

By the way, watch your spelling of 'fourth' ;)

Owen's Gravatar Owen 12 Oct 2009
10:45 AM