Very good icon set, thank you very much for creating it and putting it under such a generous license. Some of the icons I'd suggest for further additions: Forrst.com and Hacker News (news.ycombinator.com)

Chris's Gravatar Chris 7 Feb 2011
8:07 PM

first thanks for the excellent art work!

request, how about a about.me icon :)

Jay's Gravatar Jay 4 Feb 2011
3:59 AM

These are awesome! How 'bout a Hyves and GetGlue icon? :)

Desiree's Gravatar Desiree 28 Jan 2011
2:38 PM

Most excellent!

Would you consider making the source available so that other designers may extend the set?

Nic H's Gravatar Nic H 27 Jan 2011
3:42 PM

Thank you so much for these icons! They’re beautiful and time-saving, and they add a level of professional polish even to the silliest personal site. I’m sure you get a lot of dumb requests, so here’s mine: I’d love a Listography icon. It’s my favorite service, recently. Thanks again!

Emma's Gravatar Emma 23 Jan 2011
6:46 PM

It's great, thank you very, very much!

Heike's Gravatar Heike 21 Jan 2011
9:00 AM

I loved your Work.
and please, make an icon for SOUNDCLOUD.
Thank you.

Douglas's Gravatar Douglas 12 Jan 2011
5:54 PM

Wow, I'm sorry for the first comment, you did include the RSS icon! it was just called feed. Thanks so much!

Ankur Oberoi's Gravatar Ankur Oberoi 23 Nov 2010
9:29 PM

GREAT WORK! I really appreciate the effort you put into these, cleanest looking set of icons i've seen.

Just echoing one of the previous suggestions, an RSS icon would be pretty essential for the set. I noticed you have a nice looking on in this site's header, so maybe you could use that? Thanks!

Ankur Oberoi's Gravatar Ankur Oberoi 23 Nov 2010
9:27 PM

I love the icons, but I'm missing one icon. A icon of Game Center on iOS. Maybe you could make an icon for that?

pjc's Gravatar pjc 15 Nov 2010
1:54 PM

Great set! Is a attribution link in the css-file (were I code them as a background-image) ok? Or should it be in the HTML file?

Dutch's Gravatar Dutch 10 Nov 2010
10:16 AM

Is there any chance you could do some extras? Specifically:

gdgt ( http://gdgt.com/ )
Wakoopa ( http://social.wakoopa.com/ )
Raptr ( http://raptr.com/ )

They're three fairly well known and fairly popular social networks so I think they'd be a valid addition to the pack. :)

Also, the "google-16×16" icon looks a little blurry if you look carefully, and not as crisp as other icons in the set. Any chance you could refine that a little?

William Hook's Gravatar William Hook 29 Oct 2010
10:45 AM

If you're still taking requests, I'd like to see them for Pandora and Google Voice. Thanks!

Adam Koch's Gravatar Adam Koch 24 Oct 2010
3:44 AM

Hi there, thanks a lot for these wonderful Icons! However, I have a request: Please add (all) Mobile Me icons. See me.com for further details. And Wordpress would be nice, too!

Thanks a lot! Carlo

Carlo's Gravatar Carlo 17 Oct 2010
4:17 PM

Firstly, thank you for this amazing set of icons. These are clearly the best looking. Secondly, I think this set needs a Fiverr bookmark as fiverr.com is gaining popularity and has built a basis for some many people's talents and offers. Another website that I think deserves an icon of your awesome set is Cuil, the search engine established by former Google employees.

Maximilian's Gravatar Maximilian 14 Oct 2010
5:39 PM

Also, how about one with the generic podcast symbol?

Mike Wills's Gravatar Mike Wills 11 Oct 2010
4:31 AM

I would love a Zune icon added.

Mike Wills's Gravatar Mike Wills 11 Oct 2010
4:28 AM

Thanks for this. Just what I have been looking for and then some I am sure that I could use down the road. Very helpful.

Alice's Gravatar Alice 9 Oct 2010
1:38 PM

Great icon set and also very complete. Sure gonna use this on my current site update. Thank you very much!!

Ben van de Sande's Gravatar Ben van de Sande 5 Oct 2010
1:03 PM

Excellent icon set!

Would love to see a FanBridge icon amongst them. (http://www.fanbridge.com/)


jannisg.myopenid.com's Gravatar jannisg.myopenid.com 2 Oct 2010
2:33 AM

Thank you! These are perfect.

Amy's Gravatar Amy 30 Sep 2010
5:45 PM

Thank you for creating these and sharing them. They are well-crafted and each of the icons plays well with others. I am especially pleased that you included email, iTunes, and AIM icons, as these are (apparently) often overlooked by icon designers. Email and AIM are social networks too!

Matt Heinrich's Gravatar Matt Heinrich 22 Sep 2010
4:38 PM

Awesome work!!! :)
Two suggestions: 1) Behance
2) A Small World (HQ logo http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/profile-ak-snc4/object3/253/82/n194787020229_6888.jpg)

Aygul's Gravatar Aygul 18 Sep 2010
3:00 PM

Thank you for these great icons and applause for your great work. I'm really happy to see your greut work under a Creative Commons Licence so I can use them in my blog. Of course with a backlink to you. ;-)

Will there be an FriendFeed-Icon coming up?

Greetings form Hamburg/Germany

Sven's Gravatar Sven 10 Sep 2010
11:51 PM

You should make a Formspring.me social icon :)

Anthony Calixto's Gravatar Anthony Calixto 31 Aug 2010
7:55 AM

We love this, +1 for Google Reader. We'd love to contribute, do you have PayPal? tnx

David P's Gravatar David P 23 Aug 2010
6:27 PM

Be great if you could add a FormSpring.me icon :D .. lovin' the icons and keep up the good work :)

Ryan Fitton's Gravatar Ryan Fitton 21 Aug 2010
12:59 PM

Pandora! (please)

Dave's Gravatar Dave 20 Aug 2010
8:05 AM

Awesome work! Thank you very much indeed.

I'd second the suggestion of a Google Reader icon, and would also suggest icons for Libre.fm, Filmaker.com and iheartmovies.com.

Perhaps the addition of a blank icon to the pack could help others rolling their own particular icons without hassling you so much? Just a suggestion, of course.

Speaking of which: as I assume we all prefer using your icons instead of text links (that's why we're here, after all!), may I also suggest that you add an icon to your own website, so that we may link back to you with style? ;)

Thank you again and best regards.

Serge K. Keller, FCD's Gravatar Serge K. Keller, FCD 19 Aug 2010
1:13 PM

Two suggestions: 1) How about a generic RSS icon?
2) Would you consider making them into one or more large pallets suitable for embedding via the CSS sprite technique? I'll probably wind up making my own collage of icons, but having them available grouped into a few large images would be helpful for embedding in large Web applications.

https://me.yahoo.com/a/fh0ue9klyMfeW9FQ9XAU.5awjOS0#0b192's Gravatar https://me.yahoo.com/a/fh0ue9klyMfeW9FQ9XAU.5awjOS0#0b192 18 Aug 2010
6:26 PM

Excellent icons. THANK YOU FOR POSTING!!!

Zie L.'s Gravatar Zie L. 4 Aug 2010
11:59 PM

Yes, please add a Spotify icon!

Marc's Gravatar Marc 31 Jul 2010
2:43 PM

Nice set!

I would like to see a "soup.io"-Icon...

Jan's Gravatar Jan 30 Jul 2010
2:20 PM

Thank you! Brilliant set!

spike's Gravatar spike 15 Jul 2010
5:39 AM

looks so clean..
Thanx man <3

Tariq's Gravatar Tariq 15 Jul 2010
1:02 AM

Thank you! Perfect! Just what I needed! :)

white owl's Gravatar white owl 8 Jul 2010
9:02 AM

I would like to have the template as a .pds-File and a partly-transparent .png-File (so that you can just lay it over an existing icon) and this icons should you remove in my opinion:
Just Giving
Fire Eagle

Yannik Bloscheck's Gravatar Yannik Bloscheck 12 Jun 2010
5:02 PM

Hi, I was looking for a great social media icon pack and luckily stumbled upon yours. Thanks for this.

Regarding your last comment, I would like the template to be available in .psd and Fireworks .png formats. :)

sjdvda's Gravatar sjdvda 29 May 2010
8:39 PM

Hello all,

It's been a while since I responded to the comments in the thread, so I'll attempt to answer some of your questions now.

In terms of adding additional icons, I'm currently considering adding the following icons in the next update:

  • Retweet
  • Github
  • Spotify
  • BBC iD

Given the current number of icons in this package, I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on which icons should now be removed.

With regards to icons for WordPress and Blogger, I encourage you to read my most recent blog post on the matter: Social Media Icons: A Rationale.

The short answer is that I don't plan on adding icons for every type publishing platform—especially when the 'Website' icon fulfils this role. Nor do I anticipate updating the YouTube icon to match the current favicon, because frankly, it's ugly.

I am thinking about ways in which I can provide a template file with this package though, which would allow you to create your own icons in a similar style. If you have suggestions as to which format(s) this should be available in, please let me know!

Thanks for your support,


Paul Robert Lloyd's Gravatar Paul Robert Lloyd 27 May 2010
11:19 PM

Hey Paul, I recently updated some of my icons to yours, they're nice. The one exception is YouTube—the play button isn't really recognized as youtube, it's usually their square logotype.

Any thoughts on changing / updating that to their red/white logo they use?

Chuck Reynolds's Gravatar Chuck Reynolds 27 May 2010
10:52 PM

Can we have a blip.fm one?

Sean O'Grady's Gravatar Sean O'Grady 21 May 2010
11:41 AM

Yo Paul - now Spotify has viewable profiles - please can we have a Spotify one? please?

Paul Burgess's Gravatar Paul Burgess 18 May 2010
12:22 PM

Great icons Paul. I've just used the large res ones for a restyle of my personal site; Having the Dribbble icon sold them to me!

Paul Randall's Gravatar Paul Randall 18 May 2010
11:00 AM

You are doing a great job! thanks!

Mei's Gravatar Mei 12 May 2010
6:07 AM

Fantastic set of icons!

Just one request from my side would be:
(Since there’s already a Nike+ one)


For all social runners out there fond of icons

Christian Fleschhut's Gravatar Christian Fleschhut 6 May 2010
6:37 PM

Could you make a Blogger icon?

Igor Sousa's Gravatar Igor Sousa 25 Apr 2010
11:55 PM

I like them a lot! But I can't find WordPress ...

Anna's Gravatar Anna 18 Apr 2010
2:27 PM

Have you considered a Google Buzz icon?

Also I'm not too keen on the YouTube icon, could it not be closer to the YouTube logo? Maybe I'm just wrong.

Shaun Tollerton's Gravatar Shaun Tollerton 13 Apr 2010
8:03 PM

Great set, thanks and congrats.

Daniel's Gravatar Daniel 11 Apr 2010
7:26 PM

Hi Paul, I love the icons (and use them on my site - with attribution, of course) but find myself wishing you had a Github icon.

I built my own poor facsimile for now (here: http://x451.com/images/icons.png ) but just wanted to point it out! You're missing the de facto programming social network.

Thanks for the amazing work!


Flip Sasser's Gravatar Flip Sasser 6 Apr 2010
4:31 PM

Awesome set, thank you! I do have a request, though: Amie Street.

sean coon's Gravatar sean coon 1 Apr 2010
10:19 AM

Thanks for the great work!

couple requests:
Colour Lovers

XM's Gravatar XM 31 Mar 2010
3:40 AM

I see you've added quite a bit of new icons since the last time I downloaded this. Thanks for your great work. I'm still hoping you'll add a deviantART icon. It's the internet's biggest art community so I'm sure lots of people (like me) would find it useful.

AndrewNoNumbers's Gravatar AndrewNoNumbers 30 Mar 2010
4:42 PM

These are great! Very handy. If I ever use them, I'll link back to your site on my blog :D

danineteen's Gravatar danineteen 29 Mar 2010
4:03 PM

Amazing set. Great idea to do the updates! Keep them coming…

Good Web design's Gravatar Good Web design 16 Mar 2010
11:02 PM

You star, they're gorgeous!

Now... how about Second Life and Avatars United? G'wan...

Yoz's Gravatar Yoz 16 Mar 2010
10:35 PM

They're perfect! I literally have had this page open on my #1 tab for the last 6 months refreshing once a day for this update. Excellent!

Jason's Gravatar Jason 14 Mar 2010
4:33 AM

Thanks for this great icons!
Could you add a Videolog icon too?


Gabriel's Gravatar Gabriel 12 Mar 2010
8:02 PM

Great icons!

Could you add the formspring's icon to your set?


It is a site of questions, and is becoming a sensation in my country, several people have already registered and created their profiles, and I would like to add an icon of it on my blog to promote my profile as well as people do with the icons "follow me on Twitter.

Thanks in advance.

Igor's Gravatar Igor 12 Mar 2010
4:01 AM

Thanks! Awesome icons!

Rafael Cavalcante's Gravatar Rafael Cavalcante 11 Mar 2010
5:32 AM

Thanks for all the amazing icons. You really did a good job. But I would like it, if you could ad an ICQ-Icon, too.

Yannik Bloscheck's Gravatar Yannik Bloscheck 6 Mar 2010
2:16 PM

This is great resource (bookmark now) thanks
Missing the blip.fm icon I use it a lot ....

shaul Levi's Gravatar shaul Levi 1 Mar 2010
9:43 AM

One of the best sets I've seen with such great coverage of all the social media out there.


Joel's Gravatar Joel 20 Feb 2010
2:11 PM

I'd love to see icons for Wakoopa.com, Wozai.cc, Plurk.com
& Senatus.net

Other than that, an awesome set!

Alex Trup's Gravatar Alex Trup 16 Feb 2010
2:46 PM

I need some assistance. I am not very computer literate, but can make my way around. I am trying to download the social media icons and believe I have done that.

However, I don't know how to (A) view them on my computer without going through all of this zip/unzip stuff and (B) don't know how to put the icon on my email and embed a hyperlink to it.

Can someone help me out?


bcooper's Gravatar bcooper 12 Feb 2010
7:19 PM

Hi Paul,

Just for the record, I have used your icons to illustrate this piece, as well as using them on my site. http://bit.ly/1PUhax

Feel free to add a comment to the piece if you want to.

Thanks again.


David Brewer's Gravatar David Brewer 11 Feb 2010
7:50 AM

Hi, Great stuff. How about a Blogger icon?

Kevin's Gravatar Kevin 6 Feb 2010
5:52 PM

As a web-designer i'm obsessed with icons and I so rarely find ones I truly love. These are just so clean, wonderful work, thank you for them!

Daniel's Gravatar Daniel 4 Feb 2010
1:33 PM

Hi Paul!

A fellow designer just sent me link to these icons and I realized I hadn't stopped by your blog in ages. Congrats on your new position at ClearLeft and hope all is well on your side of the pond.


Krystyn's Gravatar Krystyn 2 Feb 2010
9:32 PM

Hi Paul,

Do you have a 32×32 icon for Soup? I have used your tumblr icon from my site http://www.mediahelpingmedia.org/ for my tumblr site
http://mediahelpingmedia.tumblr.com/, but I find Soup better, so I am running a Soup site, too. http://mediahelpingmedia.soup.io/ I can try to make a Soup 32×32 but it would look shabby alongside the other icons.


David Brewer's Gravatar David Brewer 2 Feb 2010
4:59 PM

Hi Paul, thanks for these great icons. I have added them to the top right of my site.




David Brewer's Gravatar David Brewer 1 Feb 2010
7:19 AM

Thanks for the up. The icons should be perfect for a project I am working on.

509 Media's Gravatar 509 Media 28 Jan 2010
4:48 PM

Thanks Paul. I'll be using a few these icons on an upcoming redesign. Great stuff!

Dan King's Gravatar Dan King 27 Jan 2010
3:23 AM


I'm currently working on a webdesign for a friend who's going to start a professional website and since he wants graphical objects for his network menu, I'm currently looking for CreativeCommons 16×16 social icons. These icons would be perfect if there was an icon for blogs, as he wants to set up a blog alongside with the pro website, and I want the icons to be consistants between each other. Because of the missing icon, I will have to look for icons elsewhere, unfortunately.

Ishimaru's Gravatar Ishimaru 24 Jan 2010
3:36 AM

Great set, also would love to see an identi.ca icon added.

Scott's Gravatar Scott 23 Jan 2010
8:42 PM

Great Add! I love this icon set! Thank you Paul!

aSeptik's Gravatar aSeptik 23 Jan 2010
10:02 AM

Foursquare, a really interesting and fun Brightkite-style social network would be a great addition.

Jason's Gravatar Jason 18 Jan 2010
10:36 PM

Thanks for the icons, Paul.

Using them on my new blog design!

Matt Kempster's Gravatar Matt Kempster 15 Jan 2010
5:22 PM

Really great icons!

They are now searchable on Iconfinder: http://www.iconfinder.net/search/?q=iconset%3Asocialmediaicons_v120

Best regards,
Martin LeBlanc

Martin LeBlanc's Gravatar Martin LeBlanc 14 Jan 2010
7:38 PM

Looks great Paul, have tweeted about them. Keep up the stirling work!

Will's Gravatar Will 13 Jan 2010
2:58 PM

Can you create the original logotype icon for youtube?

pollywolly's Gravatar pollywolly 6 Jan 2010
6:06 PM

Great icon set, I'm going to use these on my website.

Vivek Dangwal's Gravatar Vivek Dangwal 6 Jan 2010
2:48 PM

Greetings Paul:

Thanks so much for these great icons.

I'd like to suggest one for PayPal.

Kind regards.

Tari Akpodiete's Gravatar Tari Akpodiete 3 Jan 2010
12:07 AM

Great icons! Thanks!

How about one for Shoutlife and one for Shelfari?

Kerry's Gravatar Kerry 2 Jan 2010
1:05 PM

Hey Paul

Using your icon set on a new feature for my site. It would be cool if you could create an Xbox/Xbox Live icon.


Andrew Yates's Gravatar Andrew Yates 15 Dec 2009
4:47 PM

Oh, and could you also add Google Reader and Instructables ones?

I know, it's a lot, but the set will become even better!

jamy015's Gravatar jamy015 8 Dec 2009
7:02 PM

Hey, can you also create a icon for Hyves (http://hyves.nl)? It's the leading social network in the Netherlands and now i have to substitute the icon with the text "Hyves".

jamy015's Gravatar jamy015 8 Dec 2009
6:23 PM

Thanks for these - a great set

Roger Herbert's Gravatar Roger Herbert 7 Dec 2009
5:13 PM

Best social media icon pack on the web! Thanks for all your work.

celsius's Gravatar celsius 4 Dec 2009
3:36 AM

thanks a lot for this wonderful set, gonna use them on my portfolio site, thanks again :)

Vishu's Gravatar Vishu 29 Nov 2009
8:23 PM

I have been looking for an icon set like this for a while and this is perfect! Thank you! :D

Ryan McKernan's Gravatar Ryan McKernan 29 Nov 2009
4:15 AM

Hi, any chance I could get the PSD file - there's a few that I'd like to add to the list - I'll then send those back so you can include on your site as well... Great set by the way.

Al's Gravatar Al 18 Nov 2009
2:32 PM

Wow awesome, probably the most complete set of social media icons I've seen.

AndrewNoNumbers's Gravatar AndrewNoNumbers 16 Nov 2009
12:53 AM

Me again, sorry.

I miss the "Mister Wong" Icon. Would be nice, if you include it. Thank you very much.

Philip's Gravatar Philip 12 Nov 2009
10:10 AM

I love these icons - I only wish the YouTube icon showed the actual YouTube logo, rather than a white arrow on a red background. I'm afraid no one will know what it refers to. Otherwise, great work!

Jon Hanke's Gravatar Jon Hanke 11 Nov 2009
5:52 PM

I've always loved the design for this set but I'm acquiring a new appreciation for how comprehensive it is. Most of the others seem to always be missing one of the ones I need ;)

Stephanie Hobson's Gravatar Stephanie Hobson 10 Nov 2009
7:47 PM

Great Icons. Thanks. Your icon-set is one of only a few that contains email, too. GREAT. GREAT. GREAT.

I would like to suggest to add Xing

Philip's Gravatar Philip 9 Nov 2009
4:01 PM

Great icons, thanks.
Are you planning on adding a phone or wordpress icon.

Marcel's Gravatar Marcel 1 Nov 2009
7:01 PM

Great icons. Switched to use them on my site http://www.sonarblast.com

Maleficus's Gravatar Maleficus 25 Oct 2009
8:13 PM

good idea, would be even "lighter" to put them as a sprite, and use a .class to display, cf yahoo! sprites

resominator's Gravatar resominator 18 Oct 2009
6:56 PM

First thanks for the icons, they are great.
Second is a favor to ask: please add identi.ca icon to pack.

krongob's Gravatar krongob 8 Oct 2009
10:05 AM

Yeah, would like to see a Friendfeed icon :)

Thanks for the brilliant icons!

Matt's Gravatar Matt 5 Oct 2009
7:13 PM

Sweet stuffs!
Would you mind if I request an icon for http://userscripts.org/ ?

smogami's Gravatar smogami 2 Oct 2009
12:27 AM

Could you add http://gowalla.com icons too please? :)

Jo C's Gravatar Jo C 29 Sep 2009
9:25 AM

I'm surprised blip.fm isn't on that list.

iniara's Gravatar iniara 26 Sep 2009
3:29 PM

Have to agree with everyone else - the set looks great! I'm using them in my redesign that I hope to push out in the next week or two.

I needed a friendfeed icon to match, so I made one - you're welcome to it to add to the set if you'd like (I have the 32 & 24 sizes done). Just email the address in the comment and I'll send the PSDs.

Chris Price's Gravatar Chris Price 14 Sep 2009
6:58 AM

This is such a giddy-great set of icons, Paul! It's definitely the most comprehensive set I've found online.

As some others have said, I'd love to see Viddler in this package too. We have an icon already that should fit perfectly: http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/8150/128x128e.png

E-mail me if you have questions.

Again, you've done a top notch job!

Derek Jay Steen's Gravatar Derek Jay Steen 11 Sep 2009
3:51 PM

These icons are simply the best! Thank you for sharing. Please add Plaxo in your next release and if possible let me know.

Paul Godard's Gravatar Paul Godard 2 Sep 2009
2:30 PM

Would you consider to add a Hyves button?
Hyves is a popular social network site in Holland.


Lawrence Rolograaf

Lawrence Rolograaf's Gravatar Lawrence Rolograaf 31 Aug 2009
11:08 AM

Thanks so much for making these available, Paul. They're gorgeous as well as understated.

Ashley's Gravatar Ashley 30 Aug 2009
11:22 PM

Found your icon set via @hicksdesign - fantastic work. Please keep it up!

Shane Austin's Gravatar Shane Austin 30 Aug 2009
9:07 PM

Thanks for the icons, really good set, using them on my site. Cheers!

Stephen Kinsella's Gravatar Stephen Kinsella 29 Aug 2009
11:17 PM

Hi, I'm back, I did use them. Thanks. Linked you in my blog footer :)

Lauren's Gravatar Lauren 20 Aug 2009
12:52 PM

Hi Paul,

Just wanted to let you know that I've used your icons (with credit, as required by the license!) in a site I've created : http://pubwich.org/

Thanks again for your work!

Rémi Prévost's Gravatar Rémi Prévost 14 Aug 2009
3:49 PM

Wonderful set, thanks for making it. I might use them.

Lauren's Gravatar Lauren 11 Aug 2009
10:42 PM

I don't want to come off as a jackass because what you have here is extraordinary, but I would love for a few more to be included like GoodReads, Viddler and 43things. Keep up the amazing work!

justjason's Gravatar justjason 6 Aug 2009
7:10 AM

Been wanting after such a complete set forever. Great stuff man, thank you.

al3xander's Gravatar al3xander 6 Aug 2009
12:33 AM

Nice icons! I'm using a few over on my site: http://ben.kudria.net

Benjamin Kudria's Gravatar Benjamin Kudria 1 Aug 2009
6:49 AM

Very nice icon set. Thanks!

If you're taking requests, I'd like to see GoodReads and IMDB added. Also, you could look at what sites are supported by the Lifestream for WordPress plugin for more suggestions. That's where I'm using your icons. URL: http://www.ibegin.com/labs/wp-lifestream/

Doug's Gravatar Doug 30 Jul 2009
7:07 PM

Yo Paul - this is Paul Burgess, we shared karaoke japery a couple of weeks ago... just dropping you a note to say your flickr icon is in full effect on my new lil project: http://colorsuckr.com/

Stay cool

Paul Burgess's Gravatar Paul Burgess 30 Jul 2009
12:02 AM

Awesome work, Paul. Love the icons. Any chance of a printer icon in the next round?

Mark Otto's Gravatar Mark Otto 29 Jul 2009
1:14 PM

Thank you!
I used them for my website, they look fantastic. Pixel-perfection. I'm really looking forward to an phone and AIM icon!

And a vCard icon perhaps?

Magnus Mathisen's Gravatar Magnus Mathisen 22 Jul 2009
8:58 PM

Dude, these are awesome :) Nice site actually, but there's not enough of 'em ;)

Wow, you live in Littlehampton? :D I live in EP, about mile and a half down the road :) Small world..

Nice work, anyway.

Ben Swift's Gravatar Ben Swift 21 Jul 2009
5:15 PM

Thanks for getting back to me on this Mike, it seem as though technology has failed us once again. Apology excepted.

I guess the thing that annoyed me most about this whole episode was clicking on 'Mentions' in Tweetie, to see tens of re-tweets of your original status update, which in effect magnified the intensity of your original claim.

Anyway, the subject of retweeting merits an entirely different blog post devoted to it (and another thing I've delayed doing). I guess I should get it written up before Rogie beats me to it ;-)

Paul Robert Lloyd's Gravatar Paul Robert Lloyd 20 Jul 2009
10:50 PM

Hey Paul, like I said on Twitter just now I swear I clicked to download your icons, opened up the ZIP, and I saw Rogie's icons. I did this 3x and had the same result. Initially your ZIP file was 0 bytes and I thought something odd was going on, my only explanation is that your ZIP was named exactly the same as Rogie's and I had his in the same folder. After I deleted all ZIPs in my Downloads folder I gave it another shot and finally saw your actual icons which are very, very nice.

You have my sincerest apologies and immediately after I discovered my mistake I deleted the tweets that contained my remarks and apologized. As Rogie has mentioned I would not do something like this maliciously, it was a mistake on my part, and I'm very sorry.

Mike Rundle's Gravatar Mike Rundle 20 Jul 2009
10:35 PM

Hi Mike,

Obviously I would like to rebut your claims of these icons as being direct rip-offs of those icons by Rogie King.

I note that on Twitter you have apologised, and stated that you believe I had mistakenly linked to Rogie's icons, but had since changed the link. I'm slightly confused by this claim as this is just not true. This download link has not changed since I published this post. My guess is that you saw the 16×16 icons previewed above, and without downloading the file and inspecting it's contents, left a comment here (and more damagingly) made the same claims on Twitter (resulting in the predictable thoughtless re-tweeting by others).

But in the spirit of full disclosure, I am happy to provide a little more background on how these icons came into being.

In the past I had found that the only suitable 16×16 icons available for linking to different social networks were the favicons used by the respective websites, yet these were often visually inconsistent and in some cases, rather ugly.

After doing some similar icons for a client in April, I decided that I would rectify this and spend some time creating a set of icons for my favourite social networks, with my two key goals being that they didn't stray too far from the original favicons (YouTube excluded—I absolutely hate their favicon!) and that they all had a consistent appearance.

At this time I had seen Rogie's initial set of icons (as noted in the above post) and also the gorgeous icons created by Tim Van Damme for use on his address card site, whose icons inspired me to create the larger icon sizes. I completed most of these during the May Bank Holiday, but being a perfectionist (and susceptible to chronic bouts of procrastination) I never finished the entire set.

However two things spurred me on to bite the bullet and finish my icons. Firstly a discussion with my colleagues in the pub about not worrying too much about trying to achieve perfection (i.e. 'Great Artists Ship') and secondly seeing that Rogie had released his updated set of icons.

This was of course my worse fear. When I created my icons nobody had done a set of popular social network icons in sizes greater than 16×16, but I knew it was only a matter of time before somebody would, and Rogie did (and they are a fantastic set of icons).

Rogie is obviously a far more talented illustrator than I am, and I love that each of his icons reflect his own unique style. Yet at the same time this is precisely why I wanted to create my own icons—I wanted icons with a more generic feel, simply customised so that they felt like they belonged to the same family.

Now these icons may not be that different to Rogie's, but how could they be? After all both sets of icons are built upon the same foundations—that of the logos and colours of the respective social networking services. However each and every pixel of these icons has been crafted by my own fair hands, and many hours have been spent working on them.

I apologise for the lengthy reply, but it may not surprise you that I'm a little annoyed by your comments, both here and on Twitter (with its rather flimsy retraction). If you don't like my icons, then of course that's your own personal opinion, but please don't insult me by claiming I am some sort of rip-off artist. I find such comments unhelpful.

Paul Robert Lloyd's Gravatar Paul Robert Lloyd 20 Jul 2009
9:23 PM

Really useful all of them!! thanks for sharing, Paul!!!

Rolando Peralta's Gravatar Rolando Peralta 20 Jul 2009
4:49 PM

Agree with all of the above - these are so nice, clean and consistent. Great work - thanks!

Ben's Gravatar Ben 20 Jul 2009
4:46 PM

Every one of these icons is a rip-off of my friend Rogie King's icons at Komodo Media:


Why would you do this?

Mike Rundle's Gravatar Mike Rundle 20 Jul 2009
4:40 PM

Thanks for these excellent icons! Could I suggest a Virb icon?

Marius Bastiansen's Gravatar Marius Bastiansen 20 Jul 2009
2:03 PM

Paul, they are very nice. I have put them straight on our blog:

James King's Gravatar James King 17 Jul 2009
6:57 PM

Very helpful, thanks so much!!

melissa swanson's Gravatar melissa swanson 15 Jul 2009
5:57 PM

Thanks for putting this together! Really good to have all in once place and in multiple sizes like this.

t-dub's Gravatar t-dub 14 Jul 2009
5:52 PM

Nice set!

Jarno's Gravatar Jarno 10 Jul 2009
6:48 AM

You really should put a license file in the .zip. Otherwise people might miss attribution if they get this somehow other than this blog post.

Jeremy Dunck's Gravatar Jeremy Dunck 10 Jul 2009
4:32 AM

I've never found one for Bebo, doesn't anyone know where to find a Bebo social media icon?

Anon's Gravatar Anon 10 Jul 2009
2:50 AM

Great set!! I like 'em a lot!

Greg's Gravatar Greg 10 Jul 2009
12:06 AM

Great stuff you have! thanks..

Dave's Gravatar Dave 9 Jul 2009
7:06 PM

Lots of them are actually way better than the website's own favicon! Thank you for letting us use those great icons!

Rémi Prévost's Gravatar Rémi Prévost 9 Jul 2009
4:20 PM

Very useful, going to be trying them out in my work. Thanks for making them public.

Glenn Jones's Gravatar Glenn Jones 9 Jul 2009
1:21 PM

Maybe add identi.ca and friendfeed?

wikignome's Gravatar wikignome 9 Jul 2009
12:57 PM

Excellent icon set!

Thanks a lot! Wish you luck with your next one! ;-)

Michel's Gravatar Michel 9 Jul 2009
11:54 AM

Great icon set. I will definitely be using in the redesign of my website.

Scott Mallinson's Gravatar Scott Mallinson 9 Jul 2009
11:46 AM

Absolutely lovely, Paul. Thanks for making them freely available!

Elliot Jay Stocks's Gravatar Elliot Jay Stocks 9 Jul 2009
11:46 AM

Excellent set!

speckyboy's Gravatar speckyboy 4 Jul 2009
10:06 PM

Thanks for the kind words everybody!

@Stuart - I plan to add icons for all the major IM providers in the next release, including AIM, Yahoo, Messenger, GTalk and Skype. An icon for a generic phone sounds like a good idea, although you are right it falls slightly outside the remit for these icons. I'll have to have a think about this.

Paul Lloyd's Gravatar Paul Lloyd 2 Jul 2009
1:37 AM

Very nice. The one thing I would like would be the one meatspace connection I still use, the phone. Skype too.

OK, not social media, per se, but if you want a complete contact page :)

Stuart Gibson's Gravatar Stuart Gibson 1 Jul 2009
4:49 PM

Those icons look really slick/crisp! I feel honored being a source of inspiration :)

Tim Van Damme's Gravatar Tim Van Damme 29 Jun 2009
3:02 PM

The number of times I wished this post existed… now it does! Cheers Paul!

Cennydd's Gravatar Cennydd 29 Jun 2009
10:56 AM

I love 'em. Brilliant stuff.

Jon Roobottom's Gravatar Jon Roobottom 29 Jun 2009
8:31 AM