I really like your site/ style. Trying to do the same. Did you make your site theme yourself?

Richard Johnston-Nott's Gravatar Richard Johnston-Nott 9 Sep 2009
3:41 AM

Great Paul! Good luck working with Clearleft. I like Clearleft site a lot and since past few months have been following it a bit, I think they are experts.

(ps: i applied for a job but i guess am not suitable so did not get a reply, but thats ok :)

debasish's Gravatar debasish 8 Jul 2009
7:26 PM

Congratulations mate :) That's not a bad gig!

Andy Higgs's Gravatar Andy Higgs 21 Jun 2009
10:24 PM

Dude! Well done, I've long been convinced that you deserve a job with a company that will grow your creative talents - and I feel that no one fits the bill better than Clearleft. I look forward to seeing your work over the coming months.

Jon Roobottom's Gravatar Jon Roobottom 21 Jun 2009
10:12 PM

Nice post Paul, it's great to see what has taken you to Clearleft. So we are both kinda new to the office then? :)

Chris Colhoun's Gravatar Chris Colhoun 21 Jun 2009
6:30 PM