Our home network is the 100 Acre Wood, with the various devices being named after the characters who inhabit it.

Paul Annett's Gravatar Paul Annett 17 Mar 2010
1:35 PM

Its a mix between the Jay & Silent Bob and Monkey Island characters for me.

darthlawb's Gravatar darthlawb 2 Mar 2009
3:16 PM

Good source of names!

Jonathan Aquino's Gravatar Jonathan Aquino 1 Mar 2009
2:01 AM


trovster's Gravatar trovster 28 Feb 2009
2:17 PM

I use character names from the Matrix films http://is.gd/l9G5

Stuart Maynard-Keene's Gravatar Stuart Maynard-Keene 27 Feb 2009
10:27 PM

Never named any Apple stuff anything different from the normal "Andrew Yates' X". Sounds a pretty cool idea, I like the HMS Discovery idea alot.

I wondered what I could use to name all of my Apple gear.

Andrew Yates's Gravatar Andrew Yates 27 Feb 2009
9:19 PM

This is a great idea. Unfortunately I've no specific naming conventions with the exception of my external hard drives which I named after cartoon characters (Zim and GIR). I might stretch the cartoon naming convention out to my iPhone and other devices but I might try and find something a little more interesting :)

Sam Hardacre's Gravatar Sam Hardacre 27 Feb 2009
8:50 PM

I've got a similar setup, naming all my Apple gear... except mine are named after elderly women.

MBP: Blanche
30" Cinema Display: Estelle
iPhone: Maude
iPod: Edith
External HD1: Rosemary
External HD2: Agnes

Helps me make my workspace my own... everyone knows their names around the office, too :).

Mark Otto's Gravatar Mark Otto 27 Feb 2009
7:22 PM