Danny Boyle's previous movies - Trainspotting & Sunshine spring to mind. Then there is 28 Days Later and The Beach, all widely different movies.

I agree totally with your final sentance review. And your score. My initial thoughts were (as you put it, an easy) eight of ten, but after thinking more closely I changed to a nine. I would like to see it again in the cinema… hopefully.

trovster's Gravatar trovster 23 Jan 2009
6:49 PM

Good point! I realise this post didn't really provide much of a review. I think in terms of marks out of ten, I'd give it an easy eight, perhaps a nine.

For a full 10/10, I like a film that has me thinking about the outcome or plot points for a number of hours after the final credits role, which I didn't feel the need to do after watching this film. However, I was engaged throughout, at no point lost interest, and even though I had a good idea of the films outcome, the story never felt predictable -- always a good sign.

As you told me, it's definitely a film worth seeing -- the cinematography is breath taking, the soundtrack enjoyable, and although some of the acting is a bit suspect in places I would happily watch the film again. I'm also interested in watching some of Danny Boyle's previous films now too.

Paul Robert Lloyd's Gravatar Paul Robert Lloyd 23 Jan 2009
6:29 PM

So, overall, what did you think of the movie!? What was your score out of ten?

trovster's Gravatar trovster 19 Jan 2009
12:13 PM