Hi Paul - Thanks for the invite - Alas, I can't think of 8 things at the moment, so my response may be a while!


Jonathan Aquino's Gravatar Jonathan Aquino 29 Sep 2007
1:00 PM

p.s. I love your site design more than mine. Wanna trade? ;)

krystyn's Gravatar krystyn 27 Sep 2007
4:35 PM

Gah! I did it. My answers aren't half as entertaining as yours, though. The back of your head is famous, for crying out loud!

And who doesn't cry out loud? That's what I really want to know.

Krystyn's Gravatar Krystyn 27 Sep 2007
4:34 PM

Yeah, I'm positive. Unless of course Dave made it up, which entirely possible I guess. But without the guy with one leg, this wouldn't be such an interesting story would it!

Paul's Gravatar Paul 24 Sep 2007
5:09 PM

Erm.. I may try this..

Just to point out. I was there when no. 6 happened, and I don't recall anyone saying the guy had a false leg. I'm sure you've made that bit up!

Jon Roobottom's Gravatar Jon Roobottom 24 Sep 2007
3:57 AM