Spring Back

Once again I write this blog entry sat on a Californian bound plane having spent the last week back home in the UK. The official reason for my return was so that I could attend Future of Web Design conference in London; the unofficial reason just the need for a break from stateside living, and a chance to catch up with some sorely missed friends.

In what became an increasingly busy seven days, I did manage to see most people, and get back in sync with what everybody has been up to.

Two days in London (and an opportunity to see my brother), Jon’s birthday in Lichfield, an evening round Lewis’ new pad in Bilston plus nights out in both Walsall and Worthing—not bad going! Having not driven for four months, I also made sure to make up for the absence of an accelerator pedal, clocking up over 700 miles on the great British motorway network (which shines in comparison to the US it must be said).

One abiding thought that I bring back from this trip is that of life being a series of moments. Whilst 90% of the time is pretty run of the mill stuff, it’s the brief periods of time that stand out, and that I should aim to find more off.

Having dinner after FOWD with Andy Budd, Richard Rutter, Paul Boag, Mike Stenhouse (to name but a few) sat in the Terrace Thai restaurant in Kensington, is certainly a stand out moment from this trip, but there were others too.

With this mini break, I come back to America hopefully refreshed, yet also with a clearer idea of how and where I want to take my life in the next 12 months, which in turn has an impact on how I want to spend my time in the more immediate months. I still have a list of online projects I want to get started on, as well as a number of more personal goals I want to work towards. Enough of the talk, time for some action.

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