I absolutely ADORE your video! Seriously, it made me stupid giddy and all smiles.

This is a little timely for me as well... next Wednesday I'll fly to New York and meet Anthony (Squarespace) in person for the first time. Two years of collaborating via phone, email and chat and never met him once face-to-face. I'm crazy excited... sure you can relate.

Hmm... I'm thinking next year I need to attend SXSW. Between your blog entries and the pictures I've seen on Flickr, I feel like I really missed out on some hero worship. ;)

krystyn's Gravatar krystyn 18 Mar 2007
10:52 AM

Nice one chap, this makes me think.. Now what if...?

Gareth Brown's Gravatar Gareth Brown 16 Mar 2007
8:33 AM

well done lloydy, nice vid

derv's Gravatar derv 15 Mar 2007
1:35 PM

...or even the remember box...

damn, that was annoying typing all my details again.

Jon's Gravatar Jon 15 Mar 2007
10:28 AM

Awesome awesome.

I didn't even bother clicking the "Remeber" box. :-(

Jon's Gravatar Jon 15 Mar 2007
10:27 AM

Good stuff mate!
Although I would have closed with a caption saying "what if I had never met Kris Benbow" and then followed it with loads of pictures of you with a sad face!

btw - your 'Remeber these details' tick box doesnt seem to work.

Kris's Gravatar Kris 15 Mar 2007
10:01 AM

Not what I was expecting, but I liked it!

Oh and for getting up on stage and doing that I take back every time I've called you a pussy!

Mark's Gravatar Mark 15 Mar 2007
1:40 AM

Bravo Mr Lloyd! Thouroughly enjoyable stuff! Well done!!

darthlawb's Gravatar darthlawb 15 Mar 2007
1:40 AM

If one more person mentions the 'Remember these details' checkbox...!

Yes, I think it's a case of removing it until I can actually get it working again!

Paul's Gravatar Paul 15 Mar 2007
1:20 AM

My mistake - it seems to be the work proxy.

The Remember these details checkbox doesn't seem to be working now though. I'm dead certain that isn't my end!

Si Jobling's Gravatar Si Jobling 15 Mar 2007
1:18 AM

I'm glad it went so well but there's a problem...

The video isn't loading. Is anyone else encountering this?

Si Jobling's Gravatar Si Jobling 15 Mar 2007
1:16 AM