Chin up son, we have just booked Coed y Brenin for the 13th July. Surely that can give you a bit of pep in your hour of need.

Anyway, what happened to this bloody chat we were going to have? I sent you an email, where was the reply? tut tut!

Hope you feel better soon mate.

Lewis Burden's Gravatar Lewis Burden 11 Mar 2007
12:04 PM

I know what you mean mate about phone chats and emails not being the same as a good old face to face chin wag and I do really miss our late night coffee get togthers. There are things that I used to talk about with you that I probably dont and wouldn't talk about with anyone else!

I am intrigued as to what thoughts one & two were........

Kris's Gravatar Kris 8 Mar 2007
6:19 AM

Hi Chap,

I though this was just a "me" thing, then reading on I thought it was just a Walsall thing.

But, I get the feeling points 1 & 2 are the same things that i go through every 6 weeks (funnily enough im going through it right now).. and for me its to do with ambition and drive, and finding that things in my live are not going the way I want, or moving as fast as I would like, and at this point I also feel just as down, and feel that I also go through an arrogance patch.

I like how you call this a "Mental Reboot"

I think this is what being creative and ambitious is all about.. or it could be all of that pollution we have inhaled from the black county.

Keep your chin up!

Gareth Brown's Gravatar Gareth Brown 6 Mar 2007
2:49 AM

You probably know more about what's going on over here than I do! Try having a baby and see how much you get out :-)

Anyway I have no sympathy for you what so ever, simply because you have a decent coffee place within walking distance. The nearest one to me is over seven bloody miles away!

Unless I've missed something, what's your new place like?

I love this line "...whilst to the outside world I become much quieter."
I believe the correct and accepted term is miserable bastard.

When are you next coming back (so we can get the KY ready)?

Mark's Gravatar Mark 6 Mar 2007
1:35 AM