@Jeremy: Was loving the cowboy hat! Thanks for your kind words regarding Ning also, much appreciated.

@Shaun: Phew! (Wipes brow)

Paul's Gravatar Paul 15 Mar 2007
10:12 AM

Paul, I don't recall feeling offended so don't worry about it (I apologize if I came across as offended). Glad we had a chance to chat.

Shaun Inman's Gravatar Shaun Inman 15 Mar 2007
10:04 AM

Paul, it was great to finally meet you in the flesh—thanks for coming to the Great British Booze-up. I'm glad we had a chance (however briefly) to chat about Ning's new direction.

Jeremy Keith's Gravatar Jeremy Keith 15 Mar 2007
9:46 AM

Hi Robert,

Thanks for taking the time to apologise, you were very popular figure at SXSW that's for sure! Hopefully will be able to chat more fully at forthcoming events.

Paul's Gravatar Paul 14 Mar 2007
3:36 PM

Sorry for being rude. I talked with hundreds of people and probably had something going on on screen that demanded my attention. Not a good excuse, though.

Robert Scoble's Gravatar Robert Scoble 14 Mar 2007
3:24 PM

It's coming - my friend Kyle videoed it, so just waiting for him to give me the tape!

Paul's Gravatar Paul 14 Mar 2007
11:26 AM

When are we going to see your 20×2 vid then dude? Wish I could find mine...

Jon Roobottom's Gravatar Jon Roobottom 14 Mar 2007
3:02 AM