Falling in Love with Austin

I’m currently enjoying the SXSW Interactive festival here in Austin, and I must say that this place is instantly likeable—and I never thought I would say that about somewhere in Texas. As to the conference, due to a lack of planning (note the absence of the much needed business cards), as well as arriving here late Saturday afternoon, I’m not sure I’m getting the full experience or seeing all that the festival has to offer. Needless to say I will definitely be coming back next year to do it properly!

Talking about planning, I finally finished my 20x2 video presentation about an hour ago, which I’ve been working on during each spare interval since Friday night. Leaving a presentation so important so late is not something I want to go through again! Fingers crossed that it will all go to plan.

Finally, that long awaited blog post about the new Ning is still one I hope to publish soon. Although the story behind the delay is probably more interesting than the post itself…


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