You know I cant help myself, when it comes to football! ;-)

Simon Edwards's Gravatar Simon Edwards 27 Mar 2007
12:45 PM

Ladies and Gentleman, I think we've found England's next manager. Coach Edwards- has a nice ring to it wouldn't you say ;-)

Paul's Gravatar Paul 27 Mar 2007
10:25 AM

McClaren is clearly a problem with in a troubled England outfit, hopefully the FA will come to there sense and let him go when they meet after the Andorra game on wednesday. El Tel would be a favourite from a fans point of view but, since when have the FA ever listened to the fans.

Lampard is the most obvious sacrifice that needs to be made he is a luxury player at a time when England simply can't afford them, he has not played well for over a year now.

Gerrard is a far more dynamic footballer, he tracks and tackles, makes raking passes, accurate crossing, and has a long range shot as good as any one. Admittedly this may be viewed as immensly biased as i am a die hard liverpool fan but even those who are not will admit he is the better all round player.

And at the very least one of them must go for the sake of the team. Rooney is a great player the service to him on Saturday was less than poor, he lacks someone of similar quality to play along side him, often looking his best with Crouch (again possibly biased, but I do not rate Crouch as world class), Defoe is wasteful, Johnsson is possibly to lightweight - but has also not had much opportunity as yet (it was his first game for England as a striker).

Defensively we lack depth on the flanks Cole is not a great defender, he has been outshone by Bridge at Chelsea but he can't stay fit, Carragher is not a full back left or right side he is a centre half and has probably shown the most form out of anyone in the England set-up this season. G. Neville is a good full back, but there are no obvious replacements in his absence.

P. Neville somehow manages to get in to the England squad yet is no class act for Everton yet alone internationally.

There's enough of a rant from me. Let me know who you think should be the England starting 11 (everyone being fit that is).

GK. David James
RB. Gary Neville
CB. John Terry (C)
CB. Jamie Carragher
LB. Wayne Bridge
RW. Aaron Lennon
DM. Owen Hargreaves
CM. Steven Gerrard
LW. Joe Cole
CF. Wayne Rooney
CF. Peter Crouch

Simon Edwards's Gravatar Simon Edwards 27 Mar 2007
10:15 AM

Lampard and Gerrard, on the pitch at the same time. When has that ever worked? I had to look hard to find Rooney. Worst mistake I made this weekend, was watchin this rubbish.

Good rant, more than justified!!

darthlawb's Gravatar darthlawb 26 Mar 2007
3:16 AM

Paul, I agree, Mr McClaren isn’t the right man for the job he seemingly stamped his mark on the job by getting rid of Beckham, which in my opinion is turning out to be a very bad decision. I think the main problem is him trying to fit Lampard into the team, just think what an attacking team we would have if we had Lennon, Gerrard, Hargreaves and Beckham in the midfield.

We still have a chance, although slim, of qualifying for the Euros and I for one will always watch the boys, however rubbish we are ;-)

Stuart Maynard-Keene's Gravatar Stuart Maynard-Keene 25 Mar 2007
8:16 AM