Im pretty sure you missed the point of the entire movie.

Abortions make human life a disposable thing. Children of Men points out the extreme value of human life and why it should never be thrown away.

The scene where Clive and the girl are walking out of the building being attacked near the end, both sides stop fighting to marvel at the miracle of life.

This is the point! Life is not disposable and should never be thrown away.

Miles Green's Gravatar Miles Green 9 Jan 2007
5:39 PM

Well I've seen the trailer and thought it looked crap. Now I actually fancy watching it.

Mark's Gravatar Mark 2 Jan 2007
3:32 AM

Yes, I was impressed with this movie. The story was original, well-acted, casted and shot. I was especially impressed with the fair-brief action/military scene towards the end of the movie. I was ducking'n'diving outta the way of the bullets. Amazing film-making. The end is good, too.

trovster's Gravatar trovster 24 Dec 2006
3:47 PM