This may be too soon for you but I'm throwing a huge bash for Halloween, perfect opportunity to have a few beers together and catch up. It's on 10/28/06 (mm/dd/yy format, I'm not sure if it will ever come naturally to me). Anyway's I doubt you'll be able to make it but let me know either way.


Phill's Gravatar Phill 18 Oct 2006
2:11 AM


Told you that you were worrying about nothing - again im proven right! When will you accept the power of my wisdom....

Ben's Gravatar Ben 17 Oct 2006
4:32 PM

I guess I was referring to the blandness of the whole situation. It's just so damn depressing. I was lucky enough to skip the line because I had a pre-arranged interview, but your just treated like a criminal the whole time. There's no freedom in any of the process, Sit Here!, Wait Over Their, DEVEY!. Where was the human element to it? I guess that is my whole complaint. Did you have to have the medial examination as well? Anyway, I'll halt my complaining for a while, in fact I feel a little better now. Perhaps I should use this board as a release for my daily disgruntles, perhaps not!


P.S. Don't forget to start spelling things wrong again!

Phill's Gravatar Phill 12 Oct 2006
7:34 PM

Hey Phill!

There were a few reasons about not writting about my visa interview process, mainly as there is not much that I felt I was able to say online except perhaps to say it's probably the longest wait in line I've ever had to endure!

How about I phone you this weekend, and I can tell you about the rest of it, and also see if we can arrange a meet-up this time round too!

Paul's Gravatar Paul 12 Oct 2006
6:38 AM

Hi Paul,

Welcome back! I was very surprised not to see a post on the whole visa interview process. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Anyway, give me a call perhaps we can meet up this time.

Phill Devey's Gravatar Phill Devey 12 Oct 2006
2:09 AM

Hello there!

Glad things are getting back to normal for you buddy! Like Kris, I to cant wait to the see the photos, and the server pics also.

Early morning banana ey? I can just picture you walking into the office seductively eating at that there nana!!

Lewis Burden's Gravatar Lewis Burden 11 Oct 2006
6:25 PM

Looking forward to seeing the pics of your new place mate

Kris's Gravatar Kris 11 Oct 2006
10:23 AM