Hi Roger,

I think it's a case of my presence having the opposite effect on the Bay Area's weather system. When it was meant to be getting warmer and dryer, it got (very) wet. Now, at a time when you would expect bad weather to set in, the opposite is true. Let's hope it stays that way for a few more weeks at least!

Also, this app may just do the trick: blesspaul.ning.com

Paul's Gravatar Paul 26 Oct 2006
11:08 PM


I've noticed that ever since you returned to the Bay Area, the weather has been glorious. Maybe someone should start a "Thank Paul" app or website to show their appreciation.


Roger von Oech's Gravatar Roger von Oech 26 Oct 2006
11:04 PM


(falls out of chair)



krystyn's Gravatar krystyn 26 Oct 2006
7:01 PM

I told you'd i'd comment all the time once you made the form work properly, which i'm pleased to see you have.

Kris's Gravatar Kris 25 Oct 2006
3:48 AM

Yeah, I agree with Kris about rdc, sounds like an amazing site.

Where's your feeds? Looked everywhere.

Jon Roobottom's Gravatar Jon Roobottom 25 Oct 2006
1:41 AM

Well at least you now feel able to use the comment form Kris - blimey!

Thanks everyone for your comments. I'll take a look at some of these issues in the next couple of weeks!

Paul's Gravatar Paul 25 Oct 2006
12:31 AM

Oh sorry, I see that you can! I stand corrected! Its just that it was hard to spot, you'd never get 'hard to spot' things on RDC.

kris's Gravatar kris 24 Oct 2006
7:10 AM

Oh but I dont like the fact that you cant see the number of comments before clicking 'continue reading'
You can on RDC

kris's Gravatar kris 24 Oct 2006
7:08 AM

I like it! Its nearly as good as roobottom.com

kris's Gravatar kris 24 Oct 2006
3:29 AM

Hmmm... Very nice, but i dont know if i like your old one more, i need sun glasses to view this one ;)

Gareth Brown's Gravatar Gareth Brown 23 Oct 2006
12:04 PM

Ditto with the font size, and ARGH scaled images! NOOO.

trovster's Gravatar trovster 23 Oct 2006
9:32 AM

Very neat and clean Paul.
Agree with Jon about the small type for the posts, it could be a little bigger. Also there seem to be some javascript errors on this page.

IanG's Gravatar IanG 23 Oct 2006
7:22 AM

Good work my friend, not so sure about the small type on the posts (maybe 0.1em bigger?) but the rest is looking very suave indeed, I'll enjoy looking around and trying to break it.

Jon Roobottom's Gravatar Jon Roobottom 23 Oct 2006
6:24 AM