@trovster - Not so much travelling from one country to another, more a case of moving to one country and ocaasionally back to this one I would imagine.

@Phill - Eek! Now I'm worried!

@Lewis/Kris - Bit early for that sort of sentiment lads, but thanks all the same. I will miss you guys just as much, if not more!

Paul's Gravatar Paul 8 Aug 2006
1:20 AM

Its been great having you back! You will be missed!

Kris's Gravatar Kris 7 Aug 2006
3:21 PM

All the best for the future mate!

Lewis Burden's Gravatar Lewis Burden 7 Aug 2006
1:14 PM

Do you have to get a full medical examination as well? That wasn't fun when I had to do it, and I had to be up to date on my vaccinations. I think we're cleaner than most Americans. Do you know what type of visa you’ll be granted? I just got through with applying for my permanent residency. I'm just waiting on my FBI clearance and once that’s through I'll have my green card.

Phill's Gravatar Phill 4 Aug 2006
8:06 PM

Visa Interview hey?? Enjoy being treated like a criminal. Can't wait for the post on that experience.

Phill's Gravatar Phill 4 Aug 2006
2:08 PM

Are you going to end up living a life like Molly's? Always travelling from one country to another (and back again) rarely staying in your own 'home' for much time at all!

I know what you mean about the people moving away, which is wierd, but I suppose everyone does it. However, moving to a different continent is a pretty big step, but I'm positive it was go fine. Things like this always seem worse than they actually are.

trovster's Gravatar trovster 3 Aug 2006
9:40 AM

Does anyone like me, find the recurrence of the number 13 throughout this post (and indeed my life) a little worrying?

Paul's Gravatar Paul 3 Aug 2006
1:48 AM