Hey Andy!

Yeah, I think you're probably right... but I always have a thirst to learn more... perhaps conferences (or certainly their presentations) are not the place to do it, but within the community. More socialising (at said conferences) is required I feel!

It was a shame our paths didn't cross... maybe they can at a certain geek fest in Leamington Spa?

Paul's Gravatar Paul 26 Jul 2006
1:38 AM

Shame you didn't get as much out of the event this year. However I wonder if that's a product of the event or the fact that you've learnt a lot over the last year and got to a point where you're not going t learn stuff from confernces.

Anyway, it's a shame we didn't get a proper chance to meet-up. Maybe next time.

Andy Budd's Gravatar Andy Budd 26 Jul 2006
1:31 AM

"I came away from this panel thinking that the future of the web in the next year or so is definitely going to have a lot to do with JavaScript libraries"

Funny you say that. I attended the MSDN Developer Seminar at the Bristol Watershed on Tuesday, and Javascript was in abundance in their new toys for web development.

A program called Impression certainly caught my eye, a well polished interface with some stonkingly good looking creations. This is supposed to bridge the gap between designers and developers apparently?!?

Lewis Burden's Gravatar Lewis Burden 23 Jun 2006
7:44 PM

Paul... Stop pretending to be Jon Hicks... It's just not cool to post comments on your own blog as someone else...

Jon Roobottom's Gravatar Jon Roobottom 22 Jun 2006
2:36 PM

I'm sorry to say that I hadn't twigged you were 'lloydyweb' when I met you! These people with online personas - I don't know! ;o)

Jon Hicks's Gravatar Jon Hicks 22 Jun 2006
11:19 AM