Winchester House is bizarre. I can't remember the cost but I remember I was wondering if it would be worth it. It was. We had a great tour guide, a roundish woman with short gray hair. She made it a lot of fun with her ghost stories and great sense of humor.

Krystyn's Gravatar Krystyn 21 Apr 2006
9:31 PM

This is really interesting to hear - I thought my experience may have been a one of, but perhaps this really is how this city, well 'is'. I didn't see the Winchester House (I was on a self guided tour, and didn't actually read about places to see until after my visit... yeah I know!). Is it worth seeing?

Paul's Gravatar Paul 15 Apr 2006
8:04 PM

Oh lovely, now I have Dionne Warwick in my head. Do do do do do dododododo. La lalalala la la la lala la.

I visited San Jose a couple years ago and felt the same way. There seemed to be a lot of new construction near my hotel -- movie theatre, restaurants, etc -- but not many people. I thought perhaps I was in a tourist area and it was off-season. Did you see the Winchester House?

Krystyn's Gravatar Krystyn 15 Apr 2006
3:01 PM