One of my favourite US ads is the one i saw for CNN advertising their website. It tag line was

"CNN.com - Now you only need 3 keys on your keyboard"

Now correct me if im wrong but CNN only requires 2 keys - the fools

Ben Lloyd's Gravatar Ben Lloyd 14 Jun 2006
12:54 PM

Here in Canada i'm pretty sure that "Unbelievable" was used in a women's hair product TV ad - not too irritating - regardless, TV ads aren't nearly as annoying to me as the ones in other places. That's why they invented the MUTE button...and The Movie Network. :)

Pete Dako's Gravatar Pete Dako 5 Apr 2006
3:25 PM

Thanks for that Paul, I see you're still getting your teeth into that oh-so-good US tv.

Jon Roobottom's Gravatar Jon Roobottom 30 Mar 2006
8:17 AM

It isn't an iPod advert, and I can't imagine an iPod adevert using a song from how ever many years ago. iPod ads are all about new music and setting trends... I don't think EMF fit into this category sadly.

I should also note that you won't find this ad in the UK, so for my British audience, all guesses are probably null and void!

Paul's Gravatar Paul 30 Mar 2006
6:44 AM

Is it an ipod advert?

Melvin's Gravatar Melvin 29 Mar 2006
11:34 PM