Great reading, keep up the great posts.
Peace, JiggaDigga

JiggaDigga's Gravatar JiggaDigga 7 Apr 2006
6:16 PM

Dont do it! Kris is right, it will always be lloydyweb.org. It is a brandname amongst your community.

If it aint broke, dont fix it!

Lewis Burden's Gravatar Lewis Burden 6 Mar 2006
1:21 PM

Lloydyweb will always be Lloydyweb no matter what you change the name too. Just as Harleys will always be Harleys and opal fruits will always be opal fruits, and besides, I've kinda always liked the name!
In regards to deleting old posts, I can understand the logic behind that, however I must admit to occasionally having a glance through the archives to reflect on times gone by....

Kris's Gravatar Kris 6 Mar 2006
10:31 AM

I've thought about deleting some of my old posts, many have been lost along the way anyway (remember rdc that you designed with my oh so great php backend?)

I'd just get rid mate if you think they're crap. After all who really reads old archive posts from two years ago anyway??

Jon Roobottom's Gravatar Jon Roobottom 6 Mar 2006
9:37 AM