@Si: By that I guess you mean e-mails offering to buy my domain for millions of bucks yes? No... bugger!

@Kris: grrrrrrrr

@Trev: Thanks for that mod_rewrite code you e-mailed, I will have a go setting that up this weekend!

Paul's Gravatar Paul 21 Mar 2006
5:09 AM

About updating your bookmarks, I hope you're going to keep the .org for at least a while, and set up permanent redirect (which just happened to me) to stop all that link rot. That's one thing I'm having to factor in with my new site...

trovster's Gravatar trovster 20 Mar 2006
3:01 PM

I feel a victory has been achieved here!

Long live lloydyweb, ‘the occasional alternative to RDC’

Kris's Gravatar Kris 20 Mar 2006
11:10 AM

Welcome to the wierd and wonderful world of the .com-ownership society. ;)

Si's Gravatar Si 20 Mar 2006
8:56 AM

Oops! Thanks Ian - that's been updated. But I bet there's a whole lot more where that came from!

Paul's Gravatar Paul 20 Mar 2006
8:33 AM

No time to change "About LloydyWeb.org" ?

Ian's Gravatar Ian 20 Mar 2006
8:21 AM