Now I wish I hadn't carried on reading.
Don't get me started!!
I'm proud to say I've never owned one :)
Indeed, TV sucks & is truly bad, appauling, brainnumbing drivel for the most part. I have a nice 28in TV at home. It belongs to my brother. I helped him choose it and we made sure it had a nice screen. We turn it on for... hmmm lets see...
more DVDs
a few more Vids
when visitors want to watch something
oh yeah, and more DVDs

I used to watch lots of the drivel when I was a teenager. On the whole I think TV weened me off itself rather than me having to make a particular effort. Wouldn't miss it if it went, my Mac plays the DVDs.

When I have to survive the box's demeaningly uninteresting programs at work or on other people's TVs I mostly feel sad that some people actually organise their lives round it or tape and watch some of those series. No wonder so many people can't figure out why their lives are going nowhere.

Thankfully PS2s exist to distract our teenagers from soap operas and other such trash or I think I'd begin dreading going to work. At least they get to share tips and tricks rather than just get square eyes and a dull brain!

I'd rather kick a ball around in the freeezing cold in the back yard.

Dominique's Gravatar Dominique 16 Mar 2006
1:46 AM

I'm glad you've touched on this Paul as it is something that has really narked me over the last 5 years or so. It seems, like you have pointed out, television has been dumbed down for Sun-readers and has completely ignored the mature viewer, not to mention ignoring the educational aspect of television.

(It's sort of ironic that today Blair is hoping on support from his opposing party in the House of Commons to push out a very controversial education bill because his own party don't want anything to do with it!)

Being a nine-to-fiver, I look forward to sitting down at the end of the day with a nutritous meal and some good quality television to relax me into the evening. Instead, I am subjected to what can only be described as a Reality TV overdose. Every single channel has a fly-on-the-wall documentary covering everything from cleaning your house to “celebrities” trying to lose weight to mutating your body in the hope of "losing 10 years" to watching people watch television talking about celebrities. What has the nation come to? Why are we obsessed with other's peoples lives? Why should television companies throw this junk down our necks? Saturday nights are the worst for it and the government wonder why Britain is becoming an obese nation of binge-drinkers? It's because we don't want to sit in the house watching fat, old people prancing around in lycra or attempting what can only be described as kara-jokey.

How the hell are you coping in the home of junk TV (aka. USA)? At least you've got all those chances to go site-seeing around your new turf. I, on the otherhand, am stuck in ye olde Walsall.

Si's Gravatar Si 15 Mar 2006
11:27 AM

As a proponent of scrapping TV all together, it's iroic that I have a category set up, and many posts that deal with Television on this very blog. I'm also itching to read an article in this months Creative Review about television brands and identity. Hell, I even wrote my dissertation about the damn thing!

In short - if it wasn't for it being 90% filled with crap, I probably wouldn't leave the house! So every cloud I guess...

Paul's Gravatar Paul 15 Mar 2006
9:04 AM

It's clear what you've been doing with your time Mr.Lloyd

Jon Roobottom's Gravatar Jon Roobottom 15 Mar 2006
8:55 AM