Observations From Across the Pond

I will no doubt update this list over the coming months, but here are some initial observations from my time spent in the States so far:

  • Everybody is incredibly friendly.
  • The ground floor is called the first floor. Whilst I can understand the reasoning, it has caused a little confusion at times.
  • Information on the back of pharmaceuticals has a standardised layout. What a good idea!
  • Talking about good ideas, the system of dividing a neighbourhood into blocks is just brilliant!
  • The trains run on time and to schedule, certainly from what small experience I’ve had so far.
  • In San Francisco, the in-store music gets turned up a notch whenever a George Michael song plays!

In terms of television:

  • Jimmy Carr is on the television here too. Is there no escaping the man?
  • So is Harry Enfield—all be it advertising cheeseburgers for Burger King. How the mighty fall.
  • They have the Antiques Road show here too, and in primetime!
  • Every poor celebrity reality TV show you can think of that airs in the UK has its respective version over here. The celebrities are just as Z-list as they are in the UK.
  • To be a female news anchor you need to sound like a man (or at least deepen your voice)
  • I no longer have any idea what’s happening in the rest of the world. However I do have more than enough information about the weather and all criminal activity in the entire Bay Area.

Need I say more about how I have been spending my evenings so far…


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