Rock on Paul! I didn't know you'd made the leap to join us full-time! Love your work thus far, sir!


Jonathan Aquino's Gravatar Jonathan Aquino 27 Jan 2006
4:39 AM

A massive well-done Lloydy. Get you working in California and probably eating at the same fast food joints as Britney...? Huge congrats mate.

Matt Vale's Gravatar Matt Vale 26 Jan 2006
2:03 PM

Bloody hell mate!!!
The US of A eh? well done for landing a job over there... maybe you can clean the place up just like your web code ;D

I look forward to reading your blog.

All the best.


Rob Eardley's Gravatar Rob Eardley 24 Jan 2006
12:10 AM

yeahhhhhh.... onwards and upwards mate! Know I've said it before, but well done. Now, you just need to find time to review 2005 before I do!

Jon Roobottom's Gravatar Jon Roobottom 23 Jan 2006
10:36 AM

Well, congratulations to you! I heard thru the grapevine that you had been head-hunted out in the great US of A but didn't want to say anything until you had announced it. Knowing that you will be working on such 'interesting' projects is just a kick in the teeth for those of us stuck in normal jobs !

It's interesting to see how much you've progressed too (as well as the route you've taken). It's funny hearing you say about your first Standards project at work getting wrecked by someone who doesn't know it. It seems all so familiar (without naming names) but I'm glad I'm not alone on the quest to bring Standards to the forefront of web development.

Just make sure that you keep posting on your blog (as much as you're allowed obviously) about what you're getting up to in America and what we should be keeping our eyes out for. Maybe you could come give a talk on Web 2.0 at a Multipack meeting some time in the future? (You'll have to get in the queue behind Jeffrey Zeldman and Simon Collison though!) :P

Si's Gravatar Si 22 Jan 2006
10:43 PM