I think Kris means screw-cap rather than bayonet ;) Nice to get to read your thoughts and visions Paul - I always enjoy reading what you put as you, unlike others who shall remain nameless, talk a great deal of sense!

Simone's Gravatar Simone 10 Nov 2005
10:41 AM

Paul, My lights take the screw in type bulbs rather than the twisty clip thingy's

Kris's Gravatar Kris 8 Nov 2005
9:43 AM

oh, and another thing... Some new photos would be nice.

Jon Roobottom's Gravatar Jon Roobottom 7 Nov 2005
4:20 PM

Paul Paul Paul... I'm 100% behind you on this one! You've been banging on about this for a few weeks now, but it's obvious you've given it a lot of thought.

As for multipack, perhaps we should get behind a charity, and collect a little something (no pressure, just whatever spare change anyone has) at the meetings, and give it to charity. I know Paul may have a good idea of one in particular at the moment we'd like to give to.

As for me, as I can't make it on Saturday, i'll set the ball rolling by pledging a tenner of my own cash towards whatever you dudes see fit. Paul, it's up to you to badger me for this.

I'm looking forward to receiving my energy saving light bulb this Christmas.

Jon Roobottom's Gravatar Jon Roobottom 7 Nov 2005
4:18 PM

Well all I can say is "good for you!" While I wouldn't be as drastic as you with your Christmas idea, I have also realised that our planet is falling apart around us - you just need to look at all those hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tidal waves from the past year that have affected millions. It's only a matter of time before the UK is hit and then we definitely will be looking for help from outside just as those other countries were.

I will definitely be looking at ways of treating the planet better when it comes to saving and reusing resources. We had recycling bins installed in our communal bin shelter earlier in the year but I've been rubbish (pardon the pun) at remembering to use these properly. With Chrimbo coming up and, no dount, vast amounts of alcohol and paper, I will definitely be filing my waste in a more effective way.

(Maybe you could make the most of our Multipack meeting on Saturday to sell your idea if conversation dries up at all?)

Si's Gravatar Si 7 Nov 2005
9:19 AM