Wow, just was catching up on my reading - great writeup of @media2005, and what a great time :)

Molly E. Holzschlag's Gravatar Molly E. Holzschlag 6 Jul 2005
11:31 PM

Nice write-up!

Personally, I just made my way over to the speakers the very moment the first break came, figuring what the heck! (that, and I had to give Molly a hug). Kinda funny to see how others were also nervous about talking to these stars ;-) (I was too, at first)

Oh, I've added you to my all-encompassing @media 2005 report by the way. Thanks for informing me of your post!

Faruk Ateş's Gravatar Faruk Ateş 21 Jun 2005
1:11 AM

cool sounds like you had a good time. You'll have to let us in on these 'tips' you picked up.

Jon's Gravatar Jon 20 Jun 2005
11:25 AM

It was great to meet you - although too briefly

Nice comment form BTW!

Jon Hicks's Gravatar Jon Hicks 20 Jun 2005
10:06 AM