Columbo?!? Are you crazy, the man had one eye! How about Miami Vice, now were talking!

Darth Lawb's Gravatar Darth Lawb 26 May 2005
6:48 PM

Weekly ??? It's been 10 days paul.

Jon's Gravatar Jon 25 May 2005
3:30 PM

also, it doesn't remember my details. MAN this is slow. Try firefox on PC. Although worked fine on Mac version. hmmm...

Jon's Gravatar Jon 16 May 2005
2:26 PM

Cant say that I have noticed any problems with slow loading.
As for the top TV......Malcolm In The Middle....come on? Seriously?
That Scrubs looks pretty funny though, must give it a try. I here Mathew Perry guest stars in the new series.

Kris's Gravatar Kris 16 May 2005
2:06 PM

I appreciate users comments on how to improve this site, and the commenting system is slowly being refined. This weekend I have highlighted which fields need to be filled in, and tabbing order has now also been fixed.

Not sure about your comments regarding a slow down though, on all machines that I have tested this on it works fine?

Paul's Gravatar Paul 16 May 2005
1:26 PM

No 1 for me would have to be Futurama.

Okay, gotta say.... The site is looking good. Very good, but... The way that the preview window slows down writing of test in the commenst box is VERY VERY annoying. Also, you really need to sort out the tab order of the input boxes.

Jon's Gravatar Jon 16 May 2005
12:55 PM