I may not be posting, but I sure am coding - check out my new and improved commenting system - it's slowly getting there alright!

Paul's Gravatar Paul 23 Apr 2005
2:20 AM

Dave says hello, plus you really need to sort the tab order on these comments, In closing, go away.

Jon's Gravatar Jon 23 Apr 2005
12:10 AM

but now you've posted once, we want MORE MORE MORE!

Jon's Gravatar Jon 21 Apr 2005
11:42 AM

Been as you have clearly failed to release my comment i'll sign into my typekey and request that you actually post something interesting and non geeky.......if thats possible!!!

Kris's Gravatar Kris 15 Apr 2005
8:35 PM

All that time and we get a post about friggin computers.....shame on you!!!

Kris's Gravatar Kris 13 Apr 2005
2:13 PM

I know you said you'd posted, but I didn't dare believe it! Roll out the banners, he's back.

Jon's Gravatar Jon 13 Apr 2005
9:05 AM