A selection of interesting essays and research written at college and university.

An Analysis of Graphic Design on UK Television

The graphic style of the eighties was very much that of computer originated graphics, influenced by the launch identity of Britain's first new television station in almost 20 years–Channel 4. In stark contrast, graphic design on television during the nineties was also influenced by the launch of new channels–this time hundreds.

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Beige to Bondi-Blue

The Apple II and the iMac both introduced consumers to emerging technologies whilst at the same time making them easy to use (the Apple II computing and the iMac the Internet). Here I discuss similarities between these two groundbreaking personal computers, and how they came into being.

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Britain Rebranded

A report published by think-tank Demos in September 1997 found that Britain's image abroad was one of a backward looking country. In the eyes of consumers we produced goods of poor quality whilst potential tourists saw a country were they would encounter bad weather and shoddy bed and breakfasts. Britain was in need of a new identity, but at a time when the country was unsure where its identity actually lay.

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Early Graphic Design in Television

The launch of television in 1936 saw the birth of medium that could be easily exploited and enhanced by graphic design. However the story of graphic design in television is one of, until recently, lack of consideration resulting in limited resources and under investment.

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FC plc

A small text created to aid research and eventually used as part of my Final Major Degree Project. It is in no way intended to be authoritive, yet I feel that it is quite informative and highlights a few issues and historical facts I never knew about football and the business it's become.

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